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Feng Shui Tips for Your Auckland Office

Feng shui is an ancient and beautiful art form originating from China. The feng shui philosophy is to harmonise everyone with their surrounding environment. Many businesses have embraced the ideas of feng shui in their office design and layout. 

In this article we discuss some simple yet highly efficient tips you can easily turn your office into an oasis of relaxation, serenity and productivity. 

The majority of New Zealand companies, particularly in Auckland, design their offices and choose their office furniture with the feng shui principles in mind. We hope that these tips will inspire you to transform your work environment and create the energy you need to get the best out of your working day. 

1. Place Your Office Desk In The Feng Shui Commanding Position

The commanding position is one of the strongest and most potent ones in feng shui, and it can help you attract success, positive energy and health. The principle is very simple: you must place your desk as far away from the door as possible. Make sure that your desk is not in line with the door, and that you do not have your back against the door. 

It may be a bit difficult to place your desk in the commanding position if you work in a cubicle where the space is very limited, but if you have a large office, then do not hesitate to do so. However, even if you have a small office, you can still make the best of it by downsizing your furniture: less is indeed the new more. 

Find a company that specialises in office furniture and choose the essential office equipment you need. By decluttering you will make the most of your work space. If you are looking for office furniture in Auckland then Fusion Interiors has a fantastic range of essential items to make your office more comfortable and appealing. 

2. Invest In Full Spectrum Lights 

There are three vital elements that you must consider if you want to make your office space as feng shui-friendly as possible: the position of the furniture, the quality of the indoor air as well as the quality of light (be it natural or artificial). Having high-quality, full-spectrum lights is important not only from a feng shui perspective, but also for the health of your eyes. If your office lighting is not good enough, you might experienced eye fatigue and a blurry vision, which will decrease your productivity. Full-spectrum lights perfectly mimic natural light and will help you focus on your tasks!

3. Get One Or Two Air Purifying Plants

Air-purifying plants will increase the quality of the air in your office. These plants purify the air so opt for one or two large plants placed around your desk in a stable earthenware pot. 

4. Surround Yourself With Positive Feng Shui Art! 

Last, but not least, make sure to bring some good feng shui art to your office to help brighten up the atmosphere and create a more welcoming environment.

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